Hi! My name is Shabih. I am a Computer Scientist with an interest and expertise in applied machine learning and artificial intelligence for solving human-centered problems.

I am the Vice President of Data Analytics at Delos where I am leading all efforts related to creating and maintaining the AI backbone for our Wellness Intelligence Network. I work at the Delos HQ in New York City. Before this I worked within the Delos Labs team as a Senior Director and Research Scientist on the applied machine learning problems related to optimizing wellness based on multiple factors such as environmental, behavioral, and physiological signals. A couple of years ago I worked at Delos’ state-of-the-art research facility in Rochester MN called the Well Living Lab.

In my previous life I was a graduate student at the University of Iowa working with Prof. Octav Chipara. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science in May 2017. I had the pleasure of working on real-time systems utilizing machine learning for health-related applications. Specifically, I worked on identifying and evaluating hard-to-hear contexts for people wearing hearing-aids with in-situ data collected in real-time. I graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (with Honors) in Computer Engineering from the A.M. University in India where I worked with Prof. M.A. Qadeer on streaming on low speed mobile networks.


  • University of Iowa
    Doctor of Philosophy – Computer Science
    Advisor: Prof. Octav Chipara
  • Aligarh Muslim University
    Bachelor of Technology (with Honors) – Computer Engineering
    Advisor: Prof. M. A. Qadeer